I strongly recommend playing Oiligarchy a brilliant online game about American politics from the point of view of the oil industry. You should play to the end to see which ending you get: There are four, though one of them may be unattainable. But at the very least make sure to get to a presidential election. Its depiction is memorable. (Incidentally, many other games on the website are well worth a look.)

Turning to what is unfortunately not a videogame, this time we have a candidate, let us call them candidate X, whom many think is exceptionally unqualified to be President. I disagree in an unimportant way. I am not sure X really is more unqualified, or more dangerous, than some of the other candidates in recent history, including at least one who actually became President for two terms. The one distinctive feature of X seems to be that X is more colorful and more openly arrogant than other candidates. But I don’t find this to be a substantial difference. I certainly wouldn’t mind it too much if what X said made any sense at all.

I also suspect that X and their entourage know well that the chance of X winning the election is negligible, but want to rake in and maximize publicity, according to the old dictum that there is no bad publicity.