Hokuto No Ken and growing up in Italy

It seems that the Hokuto No Ken videogame that should have been made decades ago is finally being made. Thanks to Marco Genovesi for sending me this link. (More about Marco later on this blog.)

I consider watching the Hokuto No Ken series (excluding the more recent garbage) one of the most significant artistical experiences of my life, something that also makes me understand how can some people be so passionate about Dante or Homer. And, if you grow up in Italy there is a special treat for you. You can watch a version where the words are dubbed, but the soundtrack and the screams are from the original Japanese. By contrast, the English-speaking audience can either watch the Japanese version with subtitles — and I always hate subtitles — or they can watch an English dubbed version. I once happened to get a glimpse of the latter and I was horrified: The masterful soundtrack has been replaced by a very cheap synth, not to mention the screams. Compare this to this.

3 thoughts on “Hokuto No Ken and growing up in Italy

    1. De gustibus… but perhaps each can be used to understand the other. One point of contact is that in both “violence … can be overpowering” but there is much more than that.

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