Ditch your family and come to FOCS

In a week I will be attending the FOCS conference. As usual, I find the program very interesting, and look forward to the talks. Hopefully not every one of them will be over my head; I hope to write a report about the talks later. It’s also a great fortune that I will be able to get there by train!

Workshops and the end of the celebration for Avi Wigderson’s birthday are on Saturday. The main conference starts on Sunday, and lasts until Tuesday. Monday is Columbus Day, a national holiday. To state the obvious, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are days when schools, day cares, and other things that allow for work are not available. Couldn’t we hold conferences during week-days, like other regular events such as NSF panels? To be clear this has nothing specific to do with this FOCS, but is a general theme. Which may be part of the reason why certain groups of computer scientists are called minorities.

Sure, holding a conference during week-days means that you have to skip “work.” But isn’t attending the conference at least as important work? And I have never met an attendee who wouldn’t jump for joy if they had a valid excuse to skip a lecture or a committee meeting, nor, but maybe I have been lucky, a dean or department chair who would obstruct attendance.

3 thoughts on “Ditch your family and come to FOCS

    1. “Most hotels offer babysitting services” should be up there with “No one has more respect for women than me” by Trump.

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