Double dragon and labor supply

Another interesting report came out at the NBER. Basically, it argues that better and cheaper video games are a major factor in the decline of hours of work among young men.  You can read the report here and a popular exposition here.

I can definitely relate to this report: I spent countless hours playing videogames, starting very young until quite recently (now I work hard 100% of my time, as you can see from this post). When I was younger I maintained that playing video games is actually good for the brain.  My basic idea was that to play a game you have to learn a new set of rules, and that’s good for you.

What better opportunity to remember one of my favorite games.  A game that I wasted an enormous amount of time not even playing, but waiting for my turn to play at a bar next to my (landlord’s) house in Rome, with the pocket full of jingling, picturesque 500 lire (roughly half a euro). A game that I still think is the best side-scrolling beat’em up ever made. Back then, who could have imagined that one day you will be able to play this first with the MAME and then in a browser?

Double dragon: Click here and the day is gone.

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