shoving marijuana down the throats of Newton’s residents

Congratulations to the marijuana industry and the Newton MA administration for rigging the elections and pouring > $70K into a campaign strategist who lives in a neighboring city where recreational pot shops are banned, thereby snatching a narrow victory and shoving marijuana down the throats of Newton’s residents. When the pot shops open, owned by people who live in the same neighboring city which does not have them, I’ll have a toast to you with a marijuana drink.

Well, I think I am taking a break from politics, at least until I have a stronger financial backing. I have a bigger impact on society with my research.

One thought on “shoving marijuana down the throats of Newton’s residents

  1. Moneyed positions always prevail in Newton, while those who promote such positions refer to themselves as “Progressives.” The same people have already ruined my neighborhood by allowing commercial developers to engage in unlimited development within a two-block radius of my home. Consequently, the traffic and noise outside of my home is horrendous, and I cannot use my car at certain times of the day because there is too much traffic to drive anywhere in my neighborhood.

    I have no doubt, given the current leadership in Newton, that a recreational pot shop will open within walking distance of my home. If it does, my life will change for the worse. Given the cash nature of pot shops and the fact that recreational drugs attract unsavory individuals, I expect my neighborhood to become less safe. As a result, I will be forced to drive across the street to the supermarket, instead of walking, for fear of getting caught in the middle of a crime in progress. I will also have to give up riding my bicycle, for fear of “high” drivers in my neighborhood. In addition, I will give up using public transportation since it is difficult to park at the T station and it will no longer be safe to walk there.

    Despite these changes to my daily life, there is no guarantee that I won’t be harmed in some way by dangerous activities that are brought into my neighborhood by commercializing marijuana. And, the same can be said of my neighbors, as well as the many children who attend the three private schools which are located within walking distance of the shopping area where the pot shop is likely to be located.

    What we need is new leadership in Newton. We must elect candidates who see Newton as someone’s “home,” not as a place to make money or as a place to apply Liberal agendas at the expense of everyone who is not wealthy or who happens to be a moderate or a conservative.

    We should not give up on Newton politics. If we do, life in Newton will only get worse. As for myself, I am planning to oppose any attempts to open a pot shop in my neighborhood, and I will actively campaign against the Newton City Council incumbents who played a role in rigging the election to make it impossible for Newton residents to opt out from becoming the Premier Suburban Marijuana Shopping Destination for the Commercial Marijuana Industry.

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