E-ink monitor: the best money I have ever spent on electronics

We briefly interrupt the on-flight entertainment for an update on e-ink monitors (see previous posts here and here).  I am happy to report that during the summer my e-ink monitor worked extremely well.  Writing as I am doing now with the sun shining through my window is fantastic.  My entire summer production — including this survey on non-abelian combinatorics — was written exclusively on the e-ink monitor. I don’t think I ever felt so good about a piece of electronics since relentless market pressure forced me to abandon Amiga.

2 thoughts on “E-ink monitor: the best money I have ever spent on electronics

    1. Yes, it is gray scale. Some more info and pictures are on the previous posts linked. If you’d like I can send more — it was very hard or impossible for me to find information online. I don’t feel that the lack of color bothers me. More serious is the so-called “ghosting effect.” Basically, turning a pixel from black to white tends to leave a gray trace or shadow. There is a button to clear all the shadows (you can put it on a shortcut), but it takes a noticeable fraction of a second, so it’s not done automatically. Personally, I essentially never push the button. I found that the shadows don’t impede my reading and writing. In fact, I even watch videos on this monitor even though it’s not recommended.

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