Windows never changes

For months, Windows 10 complained that it didn’t have enough space on the hard disk, but the options it gave me to clean up space were ridiculous. Worse, the “storage” function that supposedly tells you what’s taking space wasn’t even close to the truth. This became so bad that I was forced to remove some things I didn’t want to remove, often with a lot of effort, because space was so tight that Windows didn’t even have enough to run the uninstaller! In the end I became so desperate that I installed TreeSize Free. It quickly revealed that crash plan was taking up a huge amount of space. This revealed to be associated to the Code42 program — a program that the system was listing as taking 200MB. Well, uninstalling Code42 freed SIXTY PERCENT of the hard disk space, 140GB.

2 thoughts on “Windows never changes

  1. Kinda random, but today I ran yet another crucial update for windows 10, the update crashed and now windows doesn’t boot. For now I’m still hoping to recover windows without losing all the data I had on my laptop…

  2. I feel your pain! I always get critical updates in the worst possible moments — I suppose I’ll get one during my 5-minute talk at ICALP tomorrow. (The only reason why I bother with windows is Powerpoint — sadly unmatched on unix as far as I know — and some stupid scripts I wrote a long time ago that I don’t feel like porting — though it wouldn’t be hard. But I do use ubuntu whenever possible.)

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