After my previous post, a reader (who amazingly has a nearly identical playing routine) pointed me to it. It’s great! Much better than

No ads, no subscriptions; but open-source and passion.

Are some features reserved to Patrons? No, because Lichess is entirely free, forever, and for everyone. That’s a promise.

It doesn’t get better than that, in this world; and that’s why I love computers and the community surrounding them.

Another good news is that I got tired of 5 | 5! The games are just too slow, and my chess isn’t even worth this much of my time. I am now playing 3 | 2. It’s fun the adrenaline kick I get with every match. Also I got much stricter with my routine, and I don’t lose more than once a day.

Here’s my profile. It’s an anagram of my unpronounceable name which can be loosely translated as …and I loved the clouds.

IMPORTANT: Excessive activity and blunders merely reflect my generous sharing of credentials.

And then I thought, why don’t we automatically analyze existing games to find interesting situations, and present them to the user as a puzzle? Naturally, the beauty — and dismay — of living in the AI (after-internet) era is that… it’s already done.

OK, time for my daily fix.