Special Topics in Complexity Theory: class is over :-(

I put together in a single file all the lectures given by me. On the class webpage you can also find the scribes of the two guest lectures, and the students’ presentations. Many thanks to Matthew Dippel, Xuangui Huang, Chin Ho Lee, Biswaroop Maiti, Tanay Mehta, Willy Quach, and Giorgos Zirdelis for doing an excellent job scribing these lectures. (And for giving me perfect teaching evaluations. Though I am not sure if I biased the sample. It went like this. One day I said: “Please fill the student evaluations, we need 100%.” A student said: “100% what?  Participation or score?” I meant participation but couldn’t resist replying jokingly “both.”) Finally, thanks also to all the other students, postdocs, and faculty who attended the class and created a great atmosphere.

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